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Architectural Service List

  • Project Programming

    What are your requirements, needs, wishes and even dreams ? Working with one or many, the program helps to define the actual scope of the project and how the finished product can encompass as much of the scope as possible.

  • Project Planning and Coordination

    Working with the client, various municipalities, government agencies and contractors, the planning starts with site feasibility, and possible variances. Coordinating bidding, permitting and construction progress meetings are a few of the available services

  • Design and Drawings

    Design sketches and drawings help our clients to better understand the project. Computer Aided Design (CAD) drawings have become an industry standard for construction and estimating and are produced for most of our projects.

  • Marketing and Advertising

    Scale line drawings, elevation renderings, color and material schemes are all useful tools in marketing a finished project. Meeting with realtors and prospective buyers can help a realtor close the deal.

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